We also provide consultancy services during the realization phase. It’s not just a matter of mastering the machines and dealing with their challenges, but it’s also about putting technological innovation to the service of the artistic dimension of the project.

Idle time. I chatted for a couple of minutes with Riccardo during the idle time between the meetings for this landing page. We went to have coffee in the garden. Since we didn’t know each other, I could ask him in all honesty why he had been collaborating with AM for almost ten years. His answer was very clear. He believes that the key is the concept of artisanal neutrality. Since he came to the company for the first time with the idea that an embroidery, as it comes from the tattoo, was the best way to preserve the past, he felt that he could ask for advice about anything, without fearing any abuse. He felt that he was the artist, and if he wanted two lines to cross in an embroidery, no one would question this need, but rather they would discuss how and with which thread the crossing would be better. He showed me the result on his phone. Then, before going back to the meeting, he confessed laughing that sometimes he relies on Maria Pia for colour combinations. He says that she’s got an unerring eye.