What a great satisfaction for us to be part of the most creative and original visions by talented designers, as in the case of Atelier Biagetti‘s Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari!

We refer, in particular, to the fascinating “Gym as a living space”: an interior design inspired by the “gym world”, and specifically by the weightlifting iconography.

The creations by Atelier Biagetti are nothing less than beautiful, able as they are to recreate an engaging and curious sensation in whoever happens to step in this original living space.

The designers have been truly clever in reinventing objects we are used to see in specific premises, transferring them in a wholly different setting, and designing for them new scopes and shapes… which is like to say: from the gym to the living room in the space of a stroke of genius!

In such a creative process, we are proud to say that the artisan capabilities of Anna Monti Italian Embroidery Experience have had quite a role, and we like to think that our work has given a good contribution in executing an extraordinary creative idea.

And in case you are wondering where exactly our work got in the process, just look down on the floor and up the walls: the carpets lying and hanging, before gaining international attention, have stopped in our laboratories in Meda.

Congratulations, and thank you for working with us!