With A Vision of Contract, Ciarmoli Queda Studio changes the rules of luxury hospitality, introducing a new commercial offer.

A balanced mix of four partners with complementary roles and personalities brings to life a project that combines an innovative means of commission and procurement with a distinctive style.

Together, the artistic and project direction of Ciarmoli Queda Studio, the commercial skills of Artemest, the specialist production leadership of UNO Contract and the prestigious personality of Métaphores fabrics present the first contract collection of Italian design to offer online customisation and purchase.

An entirely original commercial concept enters the fray of the luxury hôtellerie market: this is the new, fully digital gateway to Italian luxury design.

The speed and effectiveness with which choices can be made online lead to substantial cost- and time-savings in the procurement of a real luxury product. An entire contract project is negotiated and customised seamlessly. The opportunities multiply.

Ciarmoli Queda Studio combines this commercial revolution with an aesthetic where everything has its own place. In a constant and perfect balance, the relationship between function and form creates an authentic “comfortable luxury”. No element is merely decorative. Emotions are in harmony with proportions; the strong personality is in tune with the clean lines.

This vision of contract finds its tangible expression in the first collection,

UNO Essential, that will be previewed exclusively on Artemest.com from September 2020.

Contours inspired by nature acquire a delicate geometric regularity. The circle is the protagonist. With simplicity and balance, warm and cold hues intertwine unexpectedly but never randomly: shades that call to mind nature’s most intense countenance (the warmest earthy colours, full yellows…), pale nuances of linens reminiscent of stone or sand and dark velvets announcing the colour of the depths, somewhere between ink and brown.

UNO Essential does full justice to the force of the elements: armchairs are seductive velvet “stones”, chaises-longues display simple and solid forms, the textile frames of mirrors bear the material signature of carvings or erosions.

Such striking stimuli never create a sense of excess, because UNO Essential is not afraid of empty spaces. The eighteen pieces and the interior styling convey a delicate minimalism and in the metaphysical and contemporary space they delineate, De Chirico, Morandi or Antonioni would feel quite at home.

A Vision of Contract is a story, beyond the collection. A short film by Federico Fenucci, A Vision of Contract, A Vision of Hospitality, and a reportage by Valentina Sommariva and Matteo Lavazza Seranto describe the project and its aesthetic, including through a dedicated social media presence. A barge cuts through Venice’s green waters, as the lines and colours of the Canal Grande, the calli around the Peggy Guggenheim, the Giudecca and the Biennale form the backdrop.

Ciarmoli Queda Studio creates interior, hospitality and product design for an international clientele of private individuals and companies from a wide range of sectors, from furniture to yachting, from interior-design projects to installations. Refined materials, attention to detail, functional comfort and a fine aesthetic sensitivity make its essential and evocative furnishing unique.

UNO Contract creates customised environments of the highest order tailored to the taste and requirements of clients — luxury hotels, residences and cruise ships — based on its design and productive know-how and ability to manage large complex projects.

Métaphores, a furnishing-fabrics publisher and producer, offers a rigorous selection of natural fibres that are enhanced by refined finishes and colours, and the savoir-faire of historic brands Verel de Belval and Le Crin. It is part of the Hermès group.

Artemest brings exceptional products to enthusiasts in all corners of the globe thanks to a highly effective and established online platform. It is the nexus between the finest high-end Italian artisans and the international market.